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First-Year Writing Seminars (WR 120) and Writing, Research, & Inquiry Seminars (WR 150, WR 151, WR 152, and WR 153) are offered in for a wide range of interdisciplinary topics.  Although they differ with regard to content, all writing seminars lead students through a common sequence of writing assignments. These build upon each other, providing a context for steady improvement. For more information about the course goals of writing classes, please visit the course pages.

Some students who are English language learners may be advised to take WR 111 and/or WR 112 prior to WR 120.

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  • Boston skyline with flowers and Citgo sign

    Boston Now: Courses with outside-the-classroom learning components

  • George Floyd street mural

    WR courses on social & racial justice

  • solar panels

    WR courses on nature & environment

  • Students in a CAS classroom

    Mediated Integration: Paired WR 120 courses for English language learners and native speakers of English

  • ICA museum in Boston, with colored glass windows

    WR courses on arts, culture, & literature

  • sheaf of old papers and letters

    WR courses on history, biography, & memoir