The generous gift from University and College Advisory Board member, Jennifer Simpson (CAS 2000), aims to help the Writing Program fulfill its mission of supporting students’ development as writers and fostering a deeper culture of writing in CAS departments and programs. The gift helps to sustain the Tutoring Writing in the Disciplines program, supports faculty development through workshops on the teaching of writing; and initiates the development of CAS departmental and programmatic writing plans through consultations with Writing Program faculty.

In 2021-2022, the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience completed the first Writing Plan, which was led by Dr. Jessica Kent, Sr. Lecturer, and included four faculty members from Neuroscience. The Neuroscience Writing Plan has been highlighted in the “Spotlight” on Teaching Writing and the arts&sciences magazine. In 2022-2023, the Economics Department is currently involved in developing its Writing Plan.

Applications for participating in a Writing Plan for 2023-2024 are now open.