WR: Journal of the Arts & Sciences Writing Program

Issue 4, 2011–2012

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Table of Contents

Seth Holm

Editor’s Note
Ivan Eubanks

WR 098 Essay

An Unanswerable Dilemma
Prize Essay Winner
Ying Zhang

WR 100 Essays

Frederick Douglass, The (In)credible Orator
Prize Essay Winner
Sophie Spiers

How Do I Look? Questioning the Control of Representation in Capturing the Friedmans
Benjamin Eisen

Exploitation in the 21st Century: Illegal Immigrants in the Meatpacking Industry
Sameer Farooq

WR 150 Essays

The World of Eliot’s Waste Land
Prize Essay Winner
George Danis

Clinical Trials in Developing Countries: The New “Tuskegee”?
Kimberly Clark

Memory and Form: An Analysis of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Julianne Corbin

Love and Hate in Appalachia: Freedom of Speech for Gay and Anti-Gay Students in Boyd County, Kentucky
Tyler Guarneri

A Day of Sputniks and Explorers: Martin Luther King on Science and Technology
Zoe Strassfield

Honorable Mentions