The CAS Writing Center primarily provides support for students with assignments from CAS WR courses.

In addition, we support students with assignments from the following courses that fulfill the First-Year Writing and Writing, Research, & Inquiry Hub units:

  • CAS CC 101
  • CAS CC 201
  • CAS CH 112
  • CAS CH 182
  • CAS EN 120
  • CAS EN 220
  • KHC ST 111
  • KHC ST 112

Students with assignments from any of these courses can book up to one appointment per week using our online scheduling system. You do not need to request an appointment via the same-day drop in form below.

We do not provide support for other First-Year Writing and Writing, Research, & Inquiry Hub courses not listed here, such as QST ES 275 and QST SM 275.

Some CAS departments and programs have discipline-specific writing tutors who can provide students with specialized support. For more information, please visit the Tutoring Writing in the Disciplines page.

The CAS Writing Center also supports students working on writing assignments for other CAS courses on a same-day drop-in basis. Students can request a drop-in appointment here. Students may request one drop-in appointment per week.

If you need support for a non-CAS writing assignment, you are encouraged to use the Educational Resource Center or other writing support options at BU. The Center for Career Development also offers career-related forms of writing support on documents like cover letters and resumes.