Who can use the CAS Writing Center?

Please view the “Who We Support” section on our policies page.

What is the difference between the CAS Writing Center, the COM Writing Center, and the Educational Resource Center (ERC)?

The CAS Writing Center assists students enrolled in CAS WR courses most other courses that fulfill the First-Year Writing and Writing, Research, & Inquiry Hub units. Our consultants are familiar with the Writing Program curriculum and have been trained to help students with the types of assignments that are typically assigned in WR courses.

The COM Writing Center specializes in writing support for students in COM classes. Many other academic units at BU also offer specialized writing support for students.

The Educational Resource Center also provides writing assistance to all BU students. Students can also go to these locations for support with Writing Program courses, particularly if the CAS Writing Center does not have any available appointments — but we encourage you to meet with our consultants first, as they have specialized training to help students in CAS WR courses. 

If you need support with career-related writing, the Center for Career Development offers support with resumes and cover letters.

Does it cost anything to make an appointment in the CAS Writing Center?

No; all CAS Writing Center appointments are free!

How do I schedule, change, or cancel an appointment?

For instructions on using our online scheduler, see the Using the Online Scheduler page. For our policies about how far in advance you should change or cancel an appointment, please view our policies page.

Where is my appointment? 

If you have signed up for an in-person appointment, it will take place in the CAS Writing Center (100 Bay State Road, 3rd Floor). If you have signed up for a remote appointment, you can attend the appointment from any location where you have Internet access (somewhere quiet where you can be seen and heard on camera is recommended).

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please review the “Preparing for Your Appointment” list on our policies page.

How many appointments can I book in the CAS Writing Center?

Students may schedule one appointment per week. If you would like a second appointment, you may be able to make a drop-in appointment (see below).

How do I make a drop-in appointment?

Unfortunately, due to administrative staffing shortages, the CAS Writing Center is not offering drop-in appointments during the Spring 2024 semester. We will share an update when are able to make these available to students with assignments from non-WR CAS courses again.

I have not finished writing my paper. Should I still come to my appointment?

Consultants are available to help you with any stage of the writing process. You do not need to have a complete draft to attend a consultation. Consultants can also help you brainstorm paper ideas, work on an introduction or thesis, or assist you with a partial draft.

Can I print my paper for my appointment at the Writing Center?

You are not required to print anything for Writing Center appointments, but students can access a printer on the fourth floor of our building — see this list of MyPrint locations for more details. If you do want to work on a hard copy of your paper, please print it before arriving for your appointment. You can also bring your laptop or tablet with you so that you can work on your draft electronically. Please note that we do not have public computers in the Writing Center, and we do encourage students not to work on their phones, as it can be hard to share a screen that size with the consultant. 

Which consultant(s) should I select if I want ELL-related writing support?

All of our writing consultants receive training about how best to support ELL students. If you are taking a WR 111 or WR 112 course, you should sign up with a tutor who has your course level (WR 111 or WR 112) listed next to their name on the online scheduler. If you are in a WR 120 or WR 15X course, you can meet with any consultant listed as working with students at those levels, and they will be able to help you. 

I really need an appointment, but none are available at times I can attend. What can I do?

You can put your name on the waiting list by clicking on the clock icon above the date you want the appointment. When you put your name on the waiting list, you will receive an email or text message when someone cancels an appointment that day during the time period you selected. Messages are sent to everyone on the waiting list at the same time. If you want to book the open appointment, go online or call the Writing Center at 617-358-1500 as soon as possible. The appointment will be given to the first student who books it.

You can also check the Educational Resource Center for available appointments. 

I really need some regular writing support. Can I book multiple appointments with the same consultant throughout the semester? 

Yes! Any student can book one appointment per week, and you are welcome to meet with the same consultant multiple times. If you think you would benefit from ongoing meetings with the same consultant in the Writing Center for several consecutive weeks, please email Associate Director for the Writing Center Heather Barrett at heathbar@bu.edu with a brief explanation. We’ll evaluate and accommodate reasonable requests on a case-by-case basis, as our staffing allows. 

Will my instructor be informed that I visited the Writing Center?

The Writing Center does not notify instructors when their students use the Writing Center. At the end of your appointment, you will receive a report form with an overview of what you discussed during your appointment. You are welcome to share this information with your instructor, but you are not required to do so. 

Why am I unable to book an appointment online?

Do you already have an appointment scheduled for the same week? You are only allowed to schedule one appointment a week in advance. You can try to meet a second time by coming for a drop-in appointment instead.

Did you schedule and then not attend an appointment earlier the same week? Because the online scheduling system counts this as an appointment and you are limited to one appointment a week, it will not allow you to reschedule your appointment online. Please email writing@bu.edu or call 617-358-1500 to have an administrator reschedule your appointment.

Did you receive two warning notices this semester? If so, you are not permitted to schedule any more appointments this semester.

I received a warning or have had my Writing Center privileges suspended. How do I appeal that?

Please contact writing@bu.edu if you have questions about why you received a warning or can no longer use the Writing Center.