Jason Tandon

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This year, the editors of WR: Journal of the CAS Writing Program received more than 450 submissions. This number illustrates the level of students’ interest in having their work published and read not only by peers and instructors, but also the university community and indeed the global academic community at large.

Of these 450 submissions, the editorial board selected twelve essays for publication. The topics range from “Korean culture-bound mental illness” to “Brechtian epic theater”; from the benefits of prison nursery programs to the Freshkills Landfill on Staten Island. The CAS Writing Program offers about 400 seminars in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences every year, and Issue 9 of WR showcases exceptional examples of academic writing and research from across these disciplines. Most remarkable about all of these writers is the passion and intellectual rigor with which they pursue their rhetorical exigencies.