WR: Journal of the CAS Writing Program

Issue 6, 2013–2014

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Gwen Kordonowy

WR 100 Essays

The Dichotomy of Science
Patrick Allen

What’s Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind: Psychoanalysis and Sound in The Sopranos
Morgan Barry

The Artist Is Present and the Emotions Are Real: Time, Vulnerability, and Gender in Marina Abramovic’s Performance Art
Ryan Lader

Beyond Beneficence: A Reevaluation of Medical Practices During the Progressive Era
Jamie Tam

WR 150 Essays

Fitting Animal Liberation into Conceptions of American Freedom: A Critique of Peter Singer’s Argument for Preference Utilitarianism
Laura Coughlin

Crossbones: Forensic Osteology of the Whydah Pirates
Prize Essay Award
Andrea Foster

Eusociality: A Question of Mathematics or Bad Science?
Julie Hammond

Cross-dressing in Renoir’s La Grande Illusion and Europe’s Wartime Masculinity
Prize Essay Award
Thomas Laverriere

Borat: Controversial Ethics for Make Better the Future of Documentary Filmmaking
Prize Essay Award
Hannah Pangrcic

Making Sense: Decoding Gertrude Stein
Carly Sitrin

That Ayn’t Rand: The Sensationalization of Objectivist Theory
Nicholas Supple

Honorable Mentions