WR: Journal of the CAS Writing Program

Issue 10, 2017–2018

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Kimberly Shuckra

WR 098 Essay

Fighting Against Tribalism
Prize Essay Award
Yun Li

WR 100 Essays

Howl as Literary Montage: Cinema’s Influence on the Beat Generation
Claire Howard 

A Harmonic History
Lucas LaVoie

The Importance of Place in Contemporary Irish Photography: Krass Clement and Drum
Claire Rich

Taking a Gamble: Considering Potential Problems and Effects on Indigenous Gaming Communities
Danielle Slawny

WR 150 Essays

Reforestation and Sustainable Investments: Exploring Solutions for Climate Change
Gregory Bond

Representations of Mental Illness on FOX and CNN: The Parkland Shooting
Prize Essay Award
Miranda Melici

Fall’n in the practice of a damned slave: Racial Ideology and Villainy in Shakespeare’s Othello
The Tony Wallace Award for Writing Excellence 
Mari Rooney

Alternative Genre Works

Full-Colorism Television
Mariel De Los Santos

The Life Cycle of A Tree: A Cultural Journey
Prize Essay Award
Hallie Lazaro

Alan Shain

Capes, Color and Culture: Connecting Superhero Costumes and Shifting Politics
Skylar Shumate

Honorable Mentions