Robert Allan Hill

Dean of Marsh Chapel, Chaplain to the University, Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology

Robert Allan Hill is the Dean of Marsh Chapel and a Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology at Boston University. He is the author of seventeen books, including: Charles River: Essays and Meditations for Daily Reading (2015). His weekly sermon can be heard live at Marsh Chapel, and around the globe at, Sundays at 11am. His recent preaching and speaking schedule has included the New England Annual Conference, the Baltimore Washington Annual Conference, Chautauqua Institution, Morehouse College, the GBHEM\UMC Missio Dei Colloquy, and the UMC Lakeside Chautauqua, McGill University, and a number of pulpits across the country (Harvard Memorial, Foundry UMC, San Diego First UMC, Evanston First UMC, Asbury First UMC, and others).

Dean Hill’s religious leadership at Boston University (a community of 42,000 students, faculty and staff) across all of the 17 schools and colleges and involving the larger Boston community, is rooted and grounded in the historic pulpit of Marsh Chapel, Sunday morning at 11am. As Dean of the Chapel, he preaches most Sundays, leads the Marsh staff (35 full- and part-time persons in the areas of ministry, music and hospitality), gives oversight to all University religious life (7 University Chaplains, 26 religious life groups, and 22 campus ministers), provides prayers for various all University events (Commencement, Matriculation, other), meets with the Deans’ Council, University Leadership Council, and University Leadership Group, and guides pastoral care for the community, through the chaplains’ offices. In recent years several theology students have chosen to do their field work at Marsh. Marsh Chapel hosts 12 weekly worship services. About 2,500 people a week, during the school year, are present for worship, study or service in the chapel building. For more information, visit the Chapel website.

Hill is the author of seventeen books and teaches in the areas of New Testament and Pastoral Theology. Since 1981 he has taught in several schools including McGill University, Syracuse University, Lemoyne College, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Northeastern Seminary, United Seminary, Boston University, and various church settings. His passionate interest lies at the intersection of Scripture and life, especially in the work of preaching. Hence his research has combined publication related to the Gospel of John and Gnosticism, on the one hand, and preaching in ministry, on the other. For example, An Examination and Critique of the Understanding of the Relationship between Apocalypticism and Gnosticism in Johannine Studies appeared in 1997, while Snow Day: Reflections on the Practice of Ministry in the Northeast was published in 2003. Most of his writing, however, has been devoted to weekly sermons, over forty-five years, in ten pulpits, some of which are collected, taped and published. Hill has taught Greek, New Testament, Preaching, the Practice of Ministry, Church Administration, Church Renewal, Pastoral Leadership, and other courses. His perspective on pastoral theology focuses on the special needs of the church in the Northeastern USA in the 21st Century. Publications in these areas include Renewal: Thought, Word, and Deed (2009), Seeing with the Heart: Devotions from Marsh Chapel (2010), Prophetic Protestant Sermons on America’s War in Iraq: Marsh Chapel, Boston University (2010), Charles River (2015), Parish Preaching (2016),and Toward a Common Hope: Chautauqua Lake Sermons (2018).In addition, he has written three other collections of sermons, a book on Methodism, and a book on the Gospel of John, The Courageous Gospel: John in Sermon, Lecture, Essay and Discussion (2013). Hill has also written or co-authored and published a number of articles, chapters, sermons and essays.

At Boston University School of Theology, Hill teaches one course in New Testament each year (usually fall term, and usually the Gospel of John), and one course in Pastoral Theology each year (usually spring term, and usually a course in Preaching or Pastoral Leadership). He participates in teaching courses for undergraduates of Boston University, on ‘Vocation’, and on the history of Boston University. The course on John differs from some other studies of Johannine literature in that it strongly, equally relies both on the Jewish background to the gospel (from Hill’s study at Union/NYC with J.L. Martyn and R.E. Brown) and on the Hellenistic (Gnostic?) background to the gospel (from Hill’s study at McGill with F. Wisse and N.T.Wright.).

Bob Hill has been preaching since 1976, including New York State appointments in New Hope, Scott, Forest Home Ithaca, Burke, Constable, Erwin Syracuse, Oran, Central Lakes District, and Asbury First Rochester, before coming in 2006 to Marsh Chapel, Boston). As an elder (Upper New York Conference) in the United Methodist Church he has had experience in ten local churches, five different annual conferences, multiple annual conference board assignments, General and Jurisdictional Conference participation, General Board membership (GBHEM), various speaking engagements, and denominational leadership discussions. His views of the present condition of the church, particularly in the Northeast, and prospects for ministry into the future, have provided a complementary perspective to that of some recent Northeastern UMC denominational leadership. His main denominational interests have been in Large Church ministry and Theological Education. Dr. Hill was given the Harry Denman award for Evangelism in 2003. Currently he serves on the Board of the New England Annual Conference United Methodist Foundation (and Executive Committee), the New England Annual Conference Stewardship Committee, the Board of Visitors of the Learning Project Elementary School (Back Bay, Boston), the Board of Visitors of Harvard Memorial Church, the Board of Hillel Boston University, and the Board of Harvard Epworth Wesley Foundation. He is an active member of the Boston Ministers’ Club and the New Haven Theological Discussion Group, and an inactive Rotarian. He attends annual and regional meetings of SBL and AAR. He loves sports, and played basketball and soccer at the high school and college levels. His wife Jan is a musician and teacher, whose children’s choir of The Learning Project Elementary School for many years sang regularly in Boston, most notably once a year in early May on the steps of Trinity Church, Copley Square. Bob and Jan have three grown children and eight grandchildren.



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Articles, Papers, and Chapters

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Book Cover Endorsements: W. Lawrence, Ordained Ministry in the United Methodist Church; A.\J. Fitz-Gibbon, Secular Monasticism: A Journey; F. Rich, Christian Nation; C. Garner, As the Spirit Moves: Daily Devotional. 

Sermons and Other: 

2019 Spring/Summer speaking, preaching, teaching: Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, New York (upstate and down), and New England related to the current condition of the UMC.

Three Sermons and Three Lectures, New England Annual Conference, June 14-16, 2018

Eight Sermons at Chautauqua Institution, August 6-12, 2017

Seven Lectures at the Advent Day Apart for Clergy, Baltimore Washington Conference, on the theme: Precursors”, November 16, 2016

“Exit or Voice?”, Harvard Memorial Church, March 22, 2014, and, Asbury First UMC, April 6, 2014

“The Wall of Fame Award”, Nottingham High School, Syracuse, NY, October, 2013

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“Two Kinds of Confidence”, Harvard Memorial Church, February, 2013

“An Embraceable Variant: John 17:3”, Sermon, Trinity United Methodist Church, Albany, NY, June 2012

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“An Embraceable Variant”, Sermon, New Hartford First UMC, July 2011

“Young Man Jesus “, Sermon, Harvard Memorial Church, Cambridge, MA, January 2011

“Diversity”, RIM Annual Celebration Address, Old South Church, Boston MA, May 2010

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“A Famine of the Word?”, sermon, Bloomington First United Methodist Church, Bloomington, IN, June 2000.

“A Tradition of Principled Resistance”, sermon, San Diego First United Methodist Church, San Diego, January 2000.

Sermon Series at Asbury First, Rochester, NY: Valediction (2006); Empire Spirit (2005); Twilight Gospel (2004); An Addressable Community (2003); Once More to the Lake: (2002); Promise of the Gospel (2001); A Village Green: (2000); The Fruit of the Spirit (1999). 

Voices for a New Day: An Introduction to Homiletics (D. Moore video, Syracuse New York, 1999)

“The New Creation”. Four Lectures on Galatians. Western New York Conference Teacher, Houghton College, June 1999

“The Voice of an Angel”, North Central New York Conference Clergy Session, Syracuse, May 1999.

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See also: BU Today, 2006-present, various articles and interviews, including pieces on The Gospel of John, on Methodism and Gay People, on the history of Methodism and Boston University, and others. See also: collected sermons and occasional writings, 1998-present at and marsh chapel sermon blog

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