Non-Degree Students.

Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) welcomes public health professionals, Boston University employees, students who recently completed their undergraduate education, mid-career professionals from other disciplines, and others who are interested in the field of public health, to explore and register for a course or courses at the School of Public Health. The minimum required educational preparation is an earned bachelor’s degree. Some reasons to consider taking a course at SPH are to:

  • Take advantage of tuition reimbursement programs offered by some employers
  • Explore the field of public health
  • Enjoy flexible part-time scheduling

For registration and scheduling information, please view the Non-Degree Students Registration packets linked below.

Registration Information

Fall 2024

  • Non-degree registration for the Fall 2024 semester opens on Thursday August 1, 2024. Non-degree registration applications will be accepted until Wednesday August 28, 2024.

Contact the SPH Registrar’s Office for more information.

    Overview of the Non-Degree Student Program

    The Non-Degree Student program at the Boston University School of Public Health is designed to allow students who are not currently matriculated into a degree program at Boston University, to take School of Public Health (SPH) courses. Although Non-Degree Students are not required to provide formal proof of previous academic or professional experience, they are held to the same high standard of excellence as all students at SPH.  Non-degree students must hold an earned bachelor’s degree awarded before the first day of-of the semester in which they hope to register.  They must be eligible to take classes as a part-time student. Non-degree students cannot be considered full-time students at SPH.

    Taking a course as a Non-Degree Student is very similar to taking a course as a degree candidate. Non-Degree Students must meet course pre-requisites, follow the same academic policies, and pay the same tuition and fees as any part-time degree candidate at the SPH. Non-Degree Students are not eligible for some of the benefits of degree students, such as tutoring and writing assistance.  Non-degree students are also not eligible for federal financial aid or federal education loans. Non-Degree registration students are not eligible for placement on waitlists for full classes.

    Non-Degree Students are allowed to complete eight credits in non-degree status. Those interested in admission to the School of Public Health are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions for more information regarding admissions policies and deadlines.  Classes taken as a non-degree student may apply to a degree if minimum grades established for the course are earned and if the course applies to the degree program to which the student has been accepted.

    Population Health Exchange

    Would you be interested in gaining additional skills in a less traditional format? Check out BUSPH’s Population Health Exchange (PHX) for online and in-person courses, webinars, podcasts, and more to stay engaged, enhance your public health toolkit, and keep the conversation going!