Center for Climate and Health.

Equity, resiliency and urgency.

The Boston University Center for Climate and Health is at the forefront of efforts on climate and health so that all communities and individuals are prepared for and resilient to extreme weather events and other climate hazards.


The Climate and Health Center develops groundbreaking, cross-sector information, tools, and expertise that are readily accessible to strategic partners and key stakeholders across the US and across the globe. Learn more about our current projects.


Developing the next generation of scholars, leaders, activists, and policymakers to have the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to build climate resilient communities.


Collaborating with partner institutions and organizations to increase awareness that continued climate change threatens our health and wellbeing, particularly those most vulnerable, today and into the future. Visit the Center for Climate and Health for a full schedule of events, media relations, and research.

Center for Climate and Health People

The Center for Climate and Health brings together exceptional members of the BU community with a diversity of expertise, talent, and resources.


Partnering SPH Faculty

The Center for Climate and Health motivates cross-sector action towards mitigation and helps communities across the globe better prepare for current and future threats to our well-being—keep up to date with our work and upcoming opportunities by signing up below. For Industry and non-traditional partners, visit idea hub to learn more about how to partner with BUSPH.

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