Davidson Hamer

Davidson H. Hamer, MD

Professor, Global Health - Boston University School of Public Health



Davidson Hamer, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FASTMH, FISTM is a Professor of Global Health and Medicine at the Boston University School of Public Health and Chobanian & Avesidian School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Dr. Hamer, a board-certified specialist in infectious diseases with a particular interest in tropical infectious diseases, has extensive field experience in neonatal and child survival research including studies of micronutrient interventions, maternal and neonatal health, malaria, pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases. During the last 20+ years, he has supervised and provided technical support to more than 50 studies in developing countries that evaluated interventions for improving neonatal survival, improving access for pregnant women to emergency obstetrical care, treatment and prevention of malaria, HIV/AIDS, micronutrient deficiencies, diarrheal disease, and pneumonia. Dr. Hamer received a MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and a BA in biology and French from Amherst College. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of America, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Dr. Hamer currently has active projects in Bangladesh, Zambia, and the United States. Major current projects include neonatal sepsis prevention using prebiotics and probiotics in Bangladesh; nutritional status of adolescents in Zambia; and a scaled-up evaluation of community-based mothers' groups for improving early child development in rural Zambia. In addition, Dr. Hamer is the Surveillance Lead for the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network, a global network of 70 sites in 31 countries that conducts surveillance of emerging infectious diseases using returning travelers, immigrants, and refugees as sentinels of infection (https://geosentinel.org).

Other Positions

  • Center Faculty Member, Center for Global Health & Development - Boston University School of Public Health
  • Professor, Medicine - Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
  • Faculty, National Emerging Infectious Disease Lab - Boston University
  • Member, Pulmonary Center - Boston University
  • Member, Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research - Boston University
  • Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students) - Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Sciences


  • University of Vermont College of Medicine, MD Field of Study: Medicine
  • Amherst College, BA Field of Study: Biology

Classes Taught

  • SPHPH825


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