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There are 8 comments on Omicron Variant: “A Little Too Much Hype, Saying This Is the Next Scary Thing”

  1. Appreciate this article and comments from experts. Perhaps this quote from CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen puts some of the over-hype comments in context: ” If there is so much that’s unknown about Omicron, aren’t countries overreacting by implementing restrictions?
    Wen: I don’t think so. For so much of the pandemic, we have been playing catch-up, reacting to things that happened instead of proactively preparing. Maybe Omicron will turn out to be a false alarm. Maybe this variant doesn’t spread that easily, or doesn’t cause severe disease, or doesn’t have immune escape. I hope this is the case, but hope is not a strategy.”

    From a personal perspective, in my view, it’s not over-hyping since we have personal reactions to the potential risk from another potential wave, as the pandemic continues to impact our lives.

  2. I think what is missed here: not EVERYWHERE has testing, contact tracing, good vaccinated levels. What people need to learn is that a virus sees no geopolitical boarders. It will seek a host where it can be most successful. Until everyone has all these elements it will continue until there is no opportunity for a viable host. The only thing “we” can do is do measures that help reduce available human hosts for the virus. Ask the question: What ways can we reduce willing hosts for this virus throughout the world? That is “all” we need to do. But since we as humans cannot seem to pull it together enough to accomplish this the itty bitty virus will “outsmart” us.

  3. Well let’s go back to the beginning shall we almost 2 years now everything starts with a PCR test that’s where all these covid things and variants come from right? Yet the PCR test doesn’t know what it’s looking for doesn’t tell you if you’re sick that’s coming from the creator of the test correct so if it doesn’t know what it’s looking for covid doesn’t exist nor does any variants.. just common sense but what we’re seeing is just 100% pure propaganda fear what are we at seven variants right now ridiculous. Whatever it takes to lock us down and keep on pushing the poison boosters to keep people sick and of course there’s been thousands and thousands of people who died from this but you won’t see that on CNN or any of the fake news networks you actually have to do some research and dig a Little deeper.. there’s an agenda

    1. Totally agree with this opinion! Where have all the normal thinkers gone? We are being brainwashed daily with this fear mongering and authoritarian government mandates that have effectively erased our rights! Is anybody going to question this before we are cuba?? Giving a government cart blanc ability to seize your rights is a very slippery slope. Once you’re down that rabbit hole …good luck getting back out!

  4. It is always good to get information from all sources and that includes particularly TV if you’d like into a particular news station for instance CNN with continual fear mongering and Dr. Fauci coming off as God you cannot make good decisions for yourself you must gather facts from everywhere and then make your decision of what is good for you there are many people that are not mentally well because of these lockdowns including children and there is great fear of suicide of children so please let Gather our facts intelligently

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