Grant Writing Program.

The majority of our research portfolio at SPH, as well as some of our training programs and practice activities, are funded via external sources. The pursuit of grants and contracts is an essential part of what we do, providing the resources necessary for us to advance our mission. Recognizing that it is indeed a very competitive environment, and that grant writing is an acquired skill, we offer a grant writing workshop for faculty members, postdoctoral trainees, and research scientists at SPH.

The workshop is designed so that by the end of the 10-session program, each participant will have completed all scientific sections of their proposal. Grant writing skills are taught through a combination of lectures, peer feedback, and a mock study section. The workshop generally follows NIH grant proposal guidelines for R-series grants but participants who are working on non-NIH grant proposals are also eligible to participate.

A key feature of the workshop is to engage with a cohort of participants while sharing the experience of producing a competitive grant application. The schedule brings structure and accountability to the process of grant preparation, which for some can be one of the most challenging aspects of grant writing. Since peer feedback and peer support are core elements of the program, participants are expected to commit to attending sessions, meeting deadlines, and completing the program. Faculty, postdocs, and research scientists may participate in the workshop more than once, each time producing a new grant application.

The general timeline for the annual workshop is:

  • Information session. Typically held in March. After the information session, faculty interested in participating are asked to complete a brief application that a) indicates their grant writing experience, b) provides a brief description of their proposal, and c) confirms their commitment to the program.
  • Pre-workshop sessions. Typically held in April. Understanding that participants may be at different stages of developing their ideas, the purpose of these sessions is to discuss proposal ideas and help formulate research questions so that all participants begin the actual workshop ready to move forward with the development of their specific aims.
  • Workshop. Ten 2-hour sessions typically held between May and July. The specific days/times are be determined based upon the availability of workshop participants.

The most recent schedule for the workshop is available here.

Please contact the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Advancement with any questions.