Talbot Screen Announcement Request.

  • For SPH Community Members:

    The TV screens in Talbot are designed to show one horizontal flyer at a time. Please use this full-screen slide template or a design tool like Canva with the specs of 1920 x 1080 to create your design. Keep your design as simple and as readable as possible.

    Please do not submit digital flyers that follow a vertical or half-screen slide size. If you are interested in displaying flyers in Crosstown, please email medcampuscomm@bu.edu.

    Design Tips: For readability, you should limit the amount of text on your flyer. Each flyer is only displayed for 8-10 seconds, and there may be as many as 10-15 flyers rotating at any given time. We suggest creating a QR code and placing that onto the flyer for readers to scan for more information. You can make a free QR code here.

    Due to the volume of requests, we prioritize events and opportunities specifically for and by the SPH community on-campus (students, staff, and faculty). Submitted slides will only remain on the screens for 2 weeks. Please allow the SPH Marketing and Communications team at least 4 business days.

    If you are not a member of the SPH community but would like to post to our screens in Talbot please email us for consideration. In addition, if you are not a member of the SPH community and are looking to post to screens other than in Talbot, please contact BUMC Communications for assistance.

  • Information about you

  • For questions and confirmation regarding the request
  • If you are not part of the SPH community, please email your request.

  • Announcement Details

  • Please use the template and create your announcement for upload.