On-Campus Screen Announcement Request

  • SPH Community Members: Please use this form to request announcements and/or event postings in the Talbot, Crosstown, and Instructional buildings (SPH designated screens only). If you are not a member of the SPH community but would like to post to our screens in Talbot and limited screens in Crosstown and L-Building, please email us for consideration (we only post non-SPH items if they are of significant interest to our community). In addition, if you are not a member of the SPH community and are looking to post to screens other than in Talbot, Crosstown, and Instructional buildings, contact BUMC Communications for assistance.

    Download the blank PowerPoint file that has the proportions used across the MED Campus.

  • Information about you

  • For questions and confirmation regarding the request
  • If you are not part of the SPH community, please email your request.

  • Announcement Details

  • Have a poster or flyer you have developed? Have a photo you hope to use? Upload here.
  • Enter web address of the specific page with detailed information about your announcement. If the URL is located on the SPH site and a vanity redirect is needed, please request in the comments section.