Promotions & Publicity

Promotional Items

Any promotional items, such as T-shirts or key chains, must be approved before being ordered. You’ll select a vendor from our Vendor Book and fill out a purchase order with us to pay for your items.

Online & Printed Publicity

Make sure any publicity materials, including those designed for placement on Facebook and group websites, adhere to Student Activities’s standards. They should include the following:

  • The full name of the sponsoring organization
  • The nature of the program
  • Date, time, and place of program
  • “Boston University” spelled out
  • All events funded by the Undergraduate Student Fee must include the statement “Partially funded by the Undergraduate Student Fee.”
  • No personal contact information should be used on publicity
  • Admission criteria, such as ticket price; BU ID required; and additional items related to your event
  • Rain dates and refund policy, if applicable
  • All fundraising events must include the phrase “all proceeds will be donated to [NAME OF CHARITY]
  • Permission must be given from the Student Activities Office to use Rhett in promo materials.
  • The university seal may never be used in student organization promotional material.
  • The use of Boston University logos may be used as long as nothing is altered.

Student Activities must approve all publicity layout and copy before printing. A student organization may not publicize a program in any way before the program has been officially approved and confirmed through Student Activities. This includes the approval of flyers.

Publicity may not in any way depict alcohol or any activity which is in violation of University policy, including pictures and text.

Production & Printing

You can print anything from flyers to posters through our partnership with Fenway Printers. Just come in and talk with our front desk staff about your needs. Be sure to bring in a physical copy of your design for approval, and we’ll also need an electronic version (PDF preferred) to submit to Fenway Printers. Pricing varies based on size and quantity. Just discuss your needs with our staff and we’ll find something that works for you.  Once you place an order in our office, your printed material will be delivered to SAO, no need to go to the store.


Posters, signs, and flyers may be placed only on designated free-expression bulletin boards. They may not be placed on walls, doors, windows, or any other surfaces. Signs may not be permanently attached to any University property. Please note that there will be a $50 fine for failure to comply with these guidelines.

According to a City of Boston ordinance, the affixing of any materials to or defacing of public or private property without the expressed permission of the property owner is illegal. This includes writing on sidewalks or any other space not designated by the University for posting.

George Sherman Union

  • Bulletin boards for student organization postings are located in the lower level, on the second floor, and in Student Activities
  • Outside of BU Central in the GSU lower level, flyers are able to be distributed
  • Easels and sign holders are available for use for programs in the GSU on the day of event
GSU Link Digital Display Boards
  • Email to include your promotion in rotation on one of our two digital displays.
  • Only approved programs that are open to the entire University community may be promoted, you can find requirements for signage here.

Residence Halls

  • Have the poster/flyer approved in our office. Residence Life will not distribute for posting any poster that has not yet been approved by Student Activities.
  • Flyers/posters may be posted only on designated bulletin boards by the appropriate residence hall staff members.
  • Bring copies to each of the residence halls with the following number of flyers and the individual RHAs will distribute them in their halls:
    • 10 Buick Street—30
    • Kilachand Hall (formerly Shelton Hall)—22
    • 1019 Commonwealth Avenue—6
    • South Campus—75
    • 33 Harry Agganis Way—26
    • The Towers—50
    • 575 Commonwealth Avenue—21
    • Warren Towers—42
    • Danielsen Hall—16
    • West Campus—39
    • Myles Standish Hall—22
Warren Towers—52.125 x 70.125 posters

Complete all poster reservations for Warren Towers online, and their office will confirm the reservations directly with your student group.  Warren Towers is now on a completely digital screen system and posters can be shown over the course of 2 weeks. The exact size of the poster is important to ensure fits the screen.

Schools & Colleges

  • Have the poster/flyer approved in our office.
  • Posting approval for each school/college must be obtained from the appropriate personnel.

BU Publications Policy

BU maintains a Publications Policy requiring that all student journals of opinion must operate independently of the University and without University financial support.

Leaflets, handbills, circulars (other than those for commercial purpose), and newspapers may be distributed in the areas on campus such as in the lower level of the George Sherman Union and the lounges of the schools and colleges normally designated for this purpose.

The distribution of material cannot impede the flow of traffic in these areas or take place in an academic class or at a program or activity of the University (e.g., concert or basketball game)—although distribution may take place in the public areas outside such activities.

Posting signs, posters, and flyers is permitted only on authorized bulletin boards. Materials may not be placed on walls, doors, windows, or trees and may not be attached with permanent adhesives.

Various academic departments and administrative offices of Boston University are responsible for a variety of University publications, including informational bulletins, newsletters, handbooks, and journals of opinion. Each such publication is the responsibility of a member of the Boston University faculty or administrative staff of a particular office or department. Students may be involved with such publications under the direction of the faculty and/or staff.