How to Choose the Best Hospitality Program

A Guide to Choosing the Best Hospitality Program You are adventurous, ambitious, and innovative. You aspire to pursue an exciting career in the hospitality industry—planning events, managing a hotel or a restaurant, or starting your own business. To pursue your dream career, you are ready to take your first step and... More

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration Launches the $50k Poyiadjis Hospitality Innovation Competition

(December 15, 2022) Boston, MA – Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (BU SHA) is proud to announce the inaugural $50k Poyiadjis Hospitality Innovation Competition. With cash prizes totaling $50,000 for the top three teams, the aim is to embolden students to kickstart their innovative ideas and transform them into... More

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration 2023 Hospitality Leadership Summit Highlights Experience Innovation

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (BU SHA) is proud to announce the annual Hospitality Leadership Summit on Friday, March 24, 2023, 8am-6pm at Hotel Commonwealth (500 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston). The Summit brings together students and faculty with hospitality industry colleagues for a day-long conference of inspiration and networking, More

[The Washington Post] Professor Makarand Mody Discusses why Airbnb is more successful than ever. Why is everyone so mad at it?

Guests are over fees and chores. Hosts say they can’t fill vacancies. But the company keeps cashing in. Before they became Exhibit A of a supposed “Airbnbust,” Carrie Ann Rink and her family were living a host’s dream in Southern California. They had an attractive property in a desirable area near... More

[GRID] Professor Sean Jung Discusses why Restaurants are cutting hours and closing early amid employee and customer crunch

Why you can’t get a table or a late-night bite to eat. Tough getting a reservation lately at your favorite restaurant — or any restaurant for that matter? Across the nation, restaurants are open fewer hours and closing earlier. Nearly 4 in 5 restaurants nationwide have reduced their hours since 2019. They’ve... More

[The Points Guy] Professor Leora Lanz on Why Luxury Trains are the Next Stop for some Luxury Hotel Brands

You have more than Agatha Christie to thank if you immediately think “Orient Express” when someone brings up the notion of luxury train travel (preferably sans murder). The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express still runs today thanks to travel company Belmond (formerly known as Orient Express Hotels). The luxury train operates between a variety... More

[WalletHub] Professor Makarand Mody Shares his Insight on Best Foodie Cities in America

Americans today apply the term “foodie” to anyone who loves gourmet dining. But foodie culture isn’t limited to restaurants. Foodies enjoy discovering new and unique flavors wherever they can find them, including in their own kitchens and less prominent establishments like street food stalls. For these people, the experience of... More

[buku] Professor Leora Lanz Discusses Soundbites with buku: Think Differently

"We're in a period of revolution, and it's still evolving." A passionate comment from my guest on the latest episode of the Soundbites podcast, Leora Halpern Lanz, ISHC, from Boston University School of Hospitality Administration. Leora talks with me about hospitality's challenge to innovate amidst an unstable time, and it's... More

[Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases] Professor Leora Halpern Lanz Shares her Perspective on Extended Stay America: HR Success amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

A labor of love. What began in 2020 has finally been published for educational purposes: "Extended Stay America: HR Success amidst the COVID-19 pandemic." For educators, the case and the teaching notes are available via membership access to ICHRIE in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases. This case study... More

[Vox] Professor Sean Jung Shares his Perspective on Where do restaurant “service fees” really go?

Service charges are making dining out more expensive, but that doesn’t mean your server sees that cash. Service charges have become commonplace for things like online delivery and concert tickets, but they’re increasingly showing up in unexpected places — namely restaurants. While there’s no formal data yet on how many restaurants... More

[BU Today] Professor Leora Lanz and Professor Jonathan Katz Share their Perspective on Why Dunkin’s Revamped Rewards Program Has Angered So Many Customers

SHA faculty on the pitfalls for companies that make changes to their loyalty programs Need a coffee? If you’re a New Englander, there’s a good chance you frequent one of the more than 4,200 Dunkin’s spread across the region. (There are more than 11,0000 worldwide). Those in the know have learned... More