Donor Impact


Many of SHA’s programs would not be available without the support of our donors. Below is what was made possible by the generosity of SHA’s supportive community.


Executive-In-Residence Program

The program is graciously supported by a gift from William H. Weeks in concert with the Howard Johnson Foundation. William H. Weeks’ gift is made in honor of his grandfather Howard D. Johnson, Boston-native and founder of the American restaurant and motel chain Howard Johnson’s. Johnson is most accredited with founding the concept of restaurant franchising in the late 1920s. By 1965, the Howard Johnson brand included 770 restaurants and 265 motels.

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Classroom-to-Classroom Program

The classroom-to-classroom program, made possible by The Robert Entenmann World-Class Fund, began in 2014, in which six freshmen in SHA’s primary introductory course collaborated with six students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Together, they examined the hospitality customs of their home countries, then presented their findings to one another in a live videoconference at the semester’s end.

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Michael D. Butvinik Hospitality Internship Travel (HIT) Scholarship

In loving memory of Michael D. Butvinik (SHA’13), his parents Joan Clowes and Jeffrey Butvinik, are proud to establish the Michael D. Butvinik Hospitality Internship Travel Scholarship Fund at the School of Hospitality Administration (SHA). Their generosity will help subsidize the travel costs associated with many internship opportunities that are available to SHA students.

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Dana Waud Floberg Fund

Established in June 2018, the Dana Waud Floberg Fund provides current-use support for SHA students to attend industry conferences, both in the United States and abroad. The Dana Waud Floberg Endowed Fund, established at the same time, will ensure the continuation of this generous support in perpetuity.

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