Welcome to the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, where hospitality isn't just an industry—it's a passport to a world of opportunity.

With a curriculum designed to challenge and inspire, our students immerse themselves in the dynamic field of hospitality. From renowned industry professionals to global leaders, our faculty provide invaluable insights, while our innovative program ensures a blend of real-world experience and academic rigor.

As part of Boston University, ranked among the top 50 universities globally, our students have access to a wealth of resources and opportunities. With diverse academic offerings and a vibrant campus community, the possibilities are endless.

Located in the heart of Boston, our students benefit from unparalleled access to internships and career opportunities in one of the world's most dynamic hospitality hubs. From Boston to visits to cities around the globe, our students gain invaluable real-world experience and forge connections that last a lifetime.

At the School of Hospitality Administration, we don't just prepare students for careers—we empower them to thrive in a constantly evolving industry.

Undergraduate Programs

Whether you choose Hospitality Administration or Hospitality & Communication, you'll learn from the best in the industry and gain hands-on experience.

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Graduate Students

Advance your career with a Master of Management in Hospitality, MS in Hospitality Real Estate, or a MS in Hospitality Management degree.

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Transfer Students

The SHA community is open to transfer students from other schools within BU and beyond.

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Request information about our programs.

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