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Letter from the Dean – Arun Upneja, Ph.D., Dean, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration

Editors’ Letter – Leora Halpern Lanz, ISHC, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs; Faculty Chair, MMH; and Associate Professor of the Practice, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration and Mackenzie Miers, SHA ’21, MMH ’22

Marketing Accountability: A Holistic Approach

By: Jonathan Katz, Lecturer, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration

Marketing accountability is traditionally associated with setting goals and measuring performance. The opportunity before us is to take a more holistic approach. This means capturing data, but also insights into what is shaping customer perceptions and motivating behavior. Learn how taking ownership of your marketing initiatives can help build brand relevance as well as enduring connections with customers.

The Change in Digital Reality: Protecting Consumers from Fake News

By: Marco Ferrari, Ferrari Branding, Rome, Italy

As traditional media has shifted to a “social model,” the “fake news” phenomenon has expanded exponentially. As media-makers and consumers, how can we prevent the falsification of our reality that threatens to influence choices and decisions in potentially destructive ways? Find out about the best practices for combatting this problem through reliable fact-checking measures.

This article is also available in Italian.

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Destination Marketing in a Pandemic: How Bermuda Retained Its Relevance and Found Silver Linings

By: Leora Halpern Lanz, ISHC, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs; Faculty Chair, MMH; and Associate Professor of the Practice, Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration, and Claire Deal, SHA ’23

As travel dramatically paused in 2020, countries that relied on tourism were hit with a wave of shuttered attractions and businesses. In contrast, Bermuda implemented innovative and effective COVID-19 protocols that boosted travel during the pandemic. Discover the success story of Bermuda and how it “marketed” its way out of crisis and into an attractive destination for eager travelers across the globe.

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The Power of Geo-Targeting

By: Lyndsey Bjork, SHA, MMH ’22, Iwane Rousset, ESSEC Business School, IMHI ’21, Théophile Griveaux, ESSEC Business School, IMHI ’21

Location is everything in real estate, but would you believe us if we said location is also the key to savvy marketing? Companies using digital marketing techniques continually adapt their methods of reaching audiences, not just demographically, but geographically. See how geo-targeting connects the dots to reach consumers right where they are.

This article is also available in French.

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Have Restaurants Altered Their Social Media Approach?

By: Jenna Jiampetro, BU SHA, MMH ‘21

As restaurateurs have pivoted operationally since the beginning of the pandemic, so has their use of social media. From increasing Instagram uploads to supporting a public cause, utilization of effective digital marketing strategies for restaurants is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Get insights on how to stay ahead of the curve with implementable social media strategies.

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Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Marketing Efforts

By: Kairbay Tumanov, MMH’21 and Anh Pham, ESSEC, IMHI’22

Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become vital to digital marketing and has resulted in a positive ROI. However, as Michel Goetschmann, Professor of Travel Industry Strategy at the ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, points out, AI can never replace people. How can the hospitality industry utilize AI in conjunction with other marketing tools to capitalize on its functionality, and, at the same time, maintain the human touch?

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