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Explore The BHR Issue:  May 2021 – Leadership

Letter from the Dean – Arun Upneja, Ph.D.

Editors’ Letter – Taylor Peyton, Ph.D. and Priyanko Guchait, Ph.D.

Memo to Leaders: “Enchanted” Marketplaces and Workspaces are on the Horizon

By: James Houran, Ph.D., Managing Director, AETHOS Consulting Group

J. Bruce Tracey, Ph.D., Professor, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

The most pressing implication is that contemporary marketplaces and workspaces will need effective, and arguably new, leadership approaches to best navigate the shifting expectations of customers and employees in what seems to be a burgeoning “enchantment economy.”

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Tools for Leaders to Accelerate Experience Innovation

By: Lori J. SipeAssociate Professor, Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, San Diego State University

COVID-19 upended the hospitality and tourism industry, leaving many businesses shuttered and forcing entire sub-segments to rethink their business models. However, the economic crisis accelerated shifts already underway in the hospitality industry.

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From War to Recovery: A Lesson From Churchill 

By: Chris Mumford, Founder, Cervus Leadership Consulting

Churchill’s fall in 1945 is a useful reminder of how leadership needs to adapt through a crisis and to adjust to the situation as it unfolds. Leaders face a new balancing act of trying to bring normalcy back to their businesses while maintaining the focus on renewal and the way forward.

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Leading Employee Performance Reviews Skillfully and with Care

By: Dr. Ryan Giffen, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management, California State University, Long Beach

Despite the drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our industry, one constant will always remain. Whether working remotely, in person or combining the two, employees want regular feedback on their performance.

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5 Skills for Leadership in the New Era of Hospitality

By: Johanna Wagner, Lecturer, ESSEC Business School

Carina Hopper, Lecturer, ESSEC Business School

A new era of sustainability is at our doorstep, in which the hospitality industry has the potential to become a model as an open window to some of nature’s most beautiful gems, a source of unique experiences for guests and a major provider of local jobs.

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Inclusive Leadership for a 21st Century Hospitality Workplace

By: Lindsey Lee, Assistant Professor, School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management, Temple University;

Phillip JollyElizabeth M. King Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality Management, Pennsylvania State University;

Heyao Yu, Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality Management, Pennsylvania State University

Recent discussions have advocated for the implementation of diversity-promoting recruitment and hiring practices to create opportunities for more equitable gender, racial/ethnic and LGBTQ representation in the workforce, and we applaud and encourage these efforts.

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How to Unlock Creative Solutions Through First Principles Thinking

By: Sloan Dean, CEO and President, Remington Hotels

“Innovation” in hotels all too frequently means moving simply one or two steps to the right or left but does not go further to analyze and work through the problems to arrive at new solutions. How can we take this opportunity to creatively rethink basic operations, innovate, and reinvent the way we operate?

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