Special Edition: SHA Leadership Summit

Note from the Dean

A Weekend to Remember

Arun Upneja


SHA Leadership Summit: Workshops for Women. Discussion for all.

Joel Brown

Keynote Speakers

Keynotes & Spotlights: Inspiration for SHA Students for Taking on the Hospitality World

Joel Brown

Panel Discussions

Discussions of Challenges and Balance Open Students Eyes and Minds to the Realities of Post-Grad

Joel Brown


Workshops for Women.

Joel Brown

Student Perspective

View from a Sophomore’s Eyes: Inspiration Kicks off the Entire Conference

Eden McColl

Male Perspective

THE SHA LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: Perspectives from the Male Students

Eric Ieong, Marut Raval

Planning & Attending

Thoughts from a SHA Alum, Current Grad Student, and Member of the Planning Committee

Chavisa Ramyarupa