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[Wall Street Journal] Should You Trust a Hotel’s Star Rating? Depends Where You Look.

In a sea of hotel reviews and star ratings, it’s hard to know who to rely upon. Here’s how to get a vetted measure of what you’re in for before a trip. For a five-day trip to Mexico with her college-age daughter, Arlana Keller of Calgary, Alberta, insisted they book a hotel rated four stars or […]

[AFAR] Airbnb Just Banned Security Cameras Inside Rentals

The new indoor-camera ban takes effect April 30, but it’s unclear how much will change under the updated privacy policy. For Meg St-Esprit, seeing cameras inside Airbnb vacation homes she has stayed at with her husband and their four kids “creeped me out.” The Pittsburgh-based writer says a newly implemented camera ban is smart, adding […]

[] Should the tipped minimum wage be abolished? Lawmakers hear from advocates, servers on proposed ballot question.

State lawmakers heard arguments for and against a proposed ballot question to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers Tuesday — a measure some say would mean less money for workers and others say would protect workers’ rights. One Fair Wage, a national coalition, is sponsoring a proposed ballot question to raise the current $6.75 wage […]

[New York Times] $1,780 to Spend the Night in a ‘Cocoon’? Hotels Are Betting on Sleep Tourism.

To sleep, perchance to dream. Or if not dream, at least to feel vaguely rested the next day, especially on vacation. Is that too much to ask? For many people, yes. The United States is tired, according to the National Sleep Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, and there is a […]

[Morning Brew] Why Do the Biggest Hotel Chains Create So Many Different Brands?

When you’re planning a trip, it may seem like you’re wading through a sea of endless hotel options, but many of those hotel brands are hiding a secret – they’re owned by the same company. Why do hotel mega-chains spend so much time and money creating these different brands? We’ve got the answer. BU SHA […]

[NPR Marketplace] 2023 was a big year for the hotel industry. Has its recovery peaked?

InterContinental Hotels Group — which owns Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and others — reported on Tuesday that it had good earnings in 2023. The company made more money per room last year and increased its profits to over $1 billion for the first time. 2023 was a big recovery year for a lot of hotels, but is […]

[] Guardian columnist thinks Boston eats too many bowls. Do we?

If you’re visiting Boston for its food, you’re most likely eating the city’s delicious seafood, staying warm with clam chowder, grabbing a cannoli for dessert in the North End. But are you buried in bowls? The city was visited by a European guest recently who then shared her experience in an opinion piece for The Guardian. Writer Emma […]

[BU Today] Is Today’s Minimum Wage an Honest Living Wage?

School of Hospitality Administration speaker series on Wednesday to address minimum wages, tipping, hospitality industry challenges At $15 an hour, the minimum wage in Massachusetts is one of the highest in the nation, trailing only New York, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., the state of Washington, and California. The minimum wage still languishes in the single digits […]

[The Daily Free Press] SHA professor Carol Bliss breaks boundaries in club management, shares joys of hospitality

Not many people can say they call a place with over a thousand rooms “home.” But working in the hotel industry gave Carol Bliss, adjunct professor at Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration, the unique opportunity. “You got to exude your actual personality, like welcoming somebody into your house and your house being 1,200 rooms,” […]