A career in hospitality opens up a wide range of paths to success, anywhere in the world. We work in travel, hotels, food service, real estate, and entertainment—but, above all, it’s about connecting people and creating remarkable experiences.

In this dynamic field, graduates of the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) have a head start. Their remarkably high job-placement rates and starting salaries prove it, as do our thousands of alumni in leadership roles all over the world.

Join us in Boston—a bustling hospitality hub—for an academic program that is both challenging and well rounded. You’ll do hands-on projects in the hospitality field, learning from world-class professionals and respected researchers from around the globe.

In short, you'll leave SHA with real-life experience and connections to a network of industry insiders.

Undergraduate Students

Your career begins with learning from industry leaders and gaining hands-on experience in Boston and abroad.

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Transfer Students

The SHA community is open to transfer students from other schools within BU and beyond.

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Graduate Students

Advance your career with our hospitality master's degrees.

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