[Luxury Daily] Luxury hospitality heating up in South Pacific

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are demonstrating a thirst for far-flung getaways. To appease their adventurous spirits, top-end travel brands are increasingly taking to the sparkling waters and lush islands of Oceania. Heating up operations in remote spots around the South Pacific, the expansion efforts and exclusive programming of international luxury names reveal a thriving vacation destination. […]

[Boston.com] Guardian columnist thinks Boston eats too many bowls. Do we?

If you’re visiting Boston for its food, you’re most likely eating the city’s delicious seafood, staying warm with clam chowder, grabbing a cannoli for dessert in the North End. But are you buried in bowls? The city was visited by a European guest recently who then shared her experience in an opinion piece for The Guardian. Writer Emma […]

[Fast Company] May is the new July; Norway is the new Italy: How extreme heat is changing tourism

Climate change could forever alter how people travel. After visiting Sicily last summer, Leora Halpern Lanz, assistant dean of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration, immediately decided that she wanted to go back this year. But it turned out to be a very different experience during a summer of record-breaking heat. Due to fly into […]

USA Today – Some Hilton hotels to bring back daily housekeeping. See how other hotel policies compare

Hotels have been adjusting their housekeeping policies post-COVID-19 lockdowns, with various brands shifting toward an opt-in model that provides daily housekeeping only to guests who request it. At least one operator is reversing course. Hilton will begin offering automatic daily housekeeping at its luxury, full-service, lifestyle brands as well as its Embassy Suites hotels worldwide this fall, according […]

BU Today – The Pandemic Changed How We Eat, Travel, Tip. Now Things Are Changing Again

It wasn’t all COVID’s fault, but the pandemic profoundly changed how we eat, travel, and even tip—it upended the entire hospitality business.  When the pandemic started in March 2020, hospitality, like a lot of other industries, all but stopped. People stayed home, didn’t travel for business or pleasure, and didn’t eat out. Workers were laid […]

Why ChatGPT Is Both Exciting and Unsettling for Students & Faculty

  Ask it a quick question, get a quick answer. Ask it to write a complete  essay, and it will do that, too. The capabilities of ChatGPT offer both opportunity and temptation—driving students, faculty, and administrators across Boston University to talk about the artificial intelligence chatbot’s potential as both an enabler of plagiarism and an exciting research […]

HSMAI Americas Welcomes New Board Members

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) has revealed the members of its 2023 Americas Board of Directors and Executive Committee. HSMAI America’s leaders represent a cross-section of the industry’s most respected hotel and hospitality brands, academics and suppliers, according to the organization. The board is composed of senior travel and hospitality executives from a representative […]

[The Points Guy] Professor Leora Lanz on Why Luxury Trains are the Next Stop for some Luxury Hotel Brands

You have more than Agatha Christie to thank if you immediately think “Orient Express” when someone brings up the notion of luxury train travel (preferably sans murder). The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express still runs today thanks to travel company Belmond (formerly known as Orient Express Hotels). The luxury train operates between a variety of cities, including Paris […]

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