Revenue Management and Analytics—Undergraduate Concentration

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About the Revenue Management and Analytics Concentration

The Revenue Management and Analytics concentration is structured to prepare SHA students for careers in hospitality data analytics and revenue-management related professions. Developing key analytical and revenue management skill sets will better prepare students to assist hospitality organizations in solving the crucial issues they face today. Employing data-informed decision-making approaches, students will also gain the knowledge to recognize opportunities and leverage a data-driven approach to solving critical operational problems.

Through a sequenced approach, the courses required for the concentration encourage students to develop skills such as statistical programming, analytical visualization, forecasting, pricing optimization, predictive modeling, and segmentation techniques. The use of hospitality industry-specific analytics will also be covered in all the concentration courses, and practical case studies will be employed to educate students on the critical importance of analytics to the hospitality industry today.

Perfect if you like: Business, Numbers, Problem-Solving, Reading, Research

The concentration requires 12 credits as specified below.

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Required Courses