Minor in Hospitality Administration

About the Hospitality Administration Minor for Non-SHA Students

The BU School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) offers a minor in Hospitality Administration designed for students who want an introduction to the concepts and functions of hospitality. Students complete two foundational courses (8 credits) as well a selection of electives (12 credits) to complete the minor, with flexibility for individual interests. The minor consists of 20 credits and is available to all BU undergraduates. All SHA Hospitality Administration minor students must complete the following:

Required courses (8 credits):

SHA HF 100 Introduction to Hospitality (4 cr)
SHA HF 150 Introduction to Experience Management (4 cr)

12 credits from the following elective list:

SHA HF 120 Food Production Management (2 cr)
SHA HF 210 Financial Accounting (4 cr)
SHA HF 220 Food and Beverage Management (4 cr)
SHA HF 231 Human Resource Management (4 cr)
SHA HF 250 Hospitality Law (2 cr)
SHA HF 260 Marketing Principles (4 cr)
SHA HF 270 Accommodations Management (4 cr)
SHA HF 278 Hospitality Analytical Problem Solving (4 cr)
SHA HF 282 Business Communications (4 cr)
SHA HF 295 Private Club Management (2 cr)
SHA HF 303 Hospitality Innovation and Disruption (4 cr)
SHA HF 310 Managerial Accounting (4 cr)
SHA HF 314 Hospitality Market Feasibility and Valuation (2 cr)
SHA HF 315 Fundamentals of a Hotel Real Estate Deal (2 cr)
SHA HF 322 Hospitality Design (4 cr)
SHA HF 329 Intro to Fine Wines (2 cr)
SHA HF 368 Digital Marketing (4 cr)
SHA HF 370 Revenue Management (4 cr)
SHA HF 375 Meetings and Conventions (4 cr)
SHA HF 376 Special Events (4 cr)
SHA HF 410 Finance (4 cr)
SHA HF 417 Hospitality Asset Management & Franchising (2 cr)
SHA HF 432 Leadership (4 cr)
SHA HF 460 Experiential Marketing (4 cr)
SHA HF 480 Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate Development (4 cr)


At least 12 credits of minor coursework must be unique to the minor and cannot overlap with any courses that complete major requirements.

A minimum grade of C– is required in all courses that fulfill the Hospitality Administration minor. For additional information, please contact the Academic Advising office at shaadv@bu.edu.

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