Hospitality Entrepreneurship—Undergraduate Concentration

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About the Hospitality Entrepreneurship Concentration

The hospitality entrepreneurship concentration aims to empower students with the foundational leadership and assessing skills to create economic and social value either for a startup or as part of an entrepreneurial team within a hospitality organization. Throughout the concentration, students will develop skills of idea generation and opportunity recognition. They will learn to think like an entrepreneur to recognize innovative opportunities, appraise financial feasibility, and understand the business planning process. The concentration includes a set of required and elective courses pointing to an interdisciplinary approach while advancing students’ entrepreneurial leadership.

Perfect if you like: Business, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Reading, Research, Writing

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the accounting and finance concentration, students will achieve competencies in: 

  • understand the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation, intrapreneurship, and various business management 
  • generate ideas, recognize opportunities, assess financial implications, and develop entrepreneurial leadership skills. 
  • develop creativity and innovation as applied to entrepreneurial problems/opportunities 
  • develop practical communication attributes as an entrepreneurial attribute-including, written, formal and informal presentation
  • utilize various business disciplines to be used in qualitative, quantitative, analysis in entrepreneurial ventures, and decision-making. 

        Required Courses

        Additional Required Courses

        Pick any four credits of available concentration electives: