Undergraduate Concentrations

About SHA Undergraduate Concentrations

Selecting one of our seven concentrations within SHA will help guide your academic track for your years at BU. Selecting a concentration will also show potential employers your specific interest and further your expertise on the topic allowing you to gain more job opportunities after college. Learn more about our undergraduate concentrations below.

Declaring a Concentration

All Concentrations consist of 12 elective credits. It is strongly encouraged that students declare their Concentration by the first semester of their junior year. Students should fill out the Concentration Declaration Form.

Event Management

The Event Management concentration is designed for students that want to learn how to manage meetings, trade shows, and other large hospitality-related events. This concentration will put students on the path for event planning in the hospitality field. 

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Hospitality Marketing

The Hospitality Marketing concentration teaches students all of the necessary information to understand the marketing side of hospitality. Students will gain skills such as formulating strategies that capture customer value and understanding companies marketing objectives. 

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Hospitality Real Estate Development

The Hospitality Real Estate Development concentration views hospitality development through the lens of finance and prepares students for the importance of design in real estate development. Students will also explore how the built environment and space can have an impact on hospitality investment and value.

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Revenue Management and Analytics

The Revenue Management and Analytics concentration helps prepare SHA students for careers in hospitality data analytics and revenue-management-related professions. This will help students learn necessary analytical and revenue management skills that will prepare them for the professional world of hospitality. 

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Hospitality Accounting and Finance Concentration

The hospitality accounting and finance concentration offers students core and elective course options to specialize in hospitality accounting and finance and choose the path that matches their career expectations. The concentration is intended for hospitality students who desire to have flexibility in their career pathways and want to practice a more financially oriented career in either hospitality or consulting. The concentration focuses on analysis, financing, investing, and development.

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Hospitality Entrepreneurship Concentration

The hospitality entrepreneurship concentration aims to empower students with the foundational leadership and assessing skills to create economic and social value either for a startup or as part of an entrepreneurial team within a hospitality organization. Throughout the concentration, students will develop skills of idea generation and opportunity recognition. They will learn to think like an entrepreneur to recognize innovative opportunities, appraise financial feasibility, and understand the business planning process. The concentration includes a set of required and elective courses pointing to an interdisciplinary approach while advancing students’ entrepreneurial leadership.

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Hospitality Retailing Concentration

The hospitality retailing concentration provides an interdisciplinary overview of the retailing industry while combining courses with the hospitality industry. Foreseeing and responding to consumer shopping behavior changes and technological innovation offers a breadth of exposure towards a firm foundation in many retailing aspects, including merchandising, pricing, sourcing, and logistics. Students may choose a cross-section related core and elective courses on consumer behavior management, including current issues faced by a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

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