Hospitality Accounting and Finance—Undergraduate Concentration

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About the Hospitality Accounting and Finance Concentration

The accounting and finance concentration offers students core and elective course options to specialize in hospitality accounting and finance and choose the path that matches their career expectations. The concentration is intended for hospitality studies students who desire to have flexibility in their career pathways and want to practice a more financially oriented career in either hospitality or consulting. The concentration focuses on analysis, financing, investing, and development. The concentration in Accounting and Finance requires three courses as specified below.

Perfect if you like: Numbers, Problem-Solving, Reading, Flexibility

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the accounting and finance concentration, students will achieve competencies in: 

  • develop foundational knowledge in how financial analysis can inform business decision-making. 
  • develop critical thinking about framing problems in various business contexts in financing and investing methods to make decisions. 
  • develop expertise in tools that are widely used in business applications. 
  • develop knowledge to analyze and act in a diversity of business contexts by making thoughtful, principled decisions. 
  • gain financial perspective on how accounting/finance methods are used to assign value to hotel property development. 

Required Courses

Additional Required Courses

Pick any two credits of available concentration electives: