Hospitality Real Estate Development—Undergraduate Concentration

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About the Hospitality Real Estate Development Concentration

In the contemporary tourism industry, the hospitality sector must confront the complex mechanisms of finance and economics. The real estate development concentration engages both by considering hospitality development and investment as integrally connected. Reflecting the experience many undergraduates encounter in practice, this concentration views hospitality development through the lens of finance, examining the ways each can add value to the other. In addition, the concentration will emphasize the importance of design in real estate development, exploring how the built environment and space can have an impact on hospitality investment and value. As part of a hospitality development discourse, financial analyses—feasibility studies, economic models, and investment strategies—acquire added social, cultural and aesthetic dimensions.

Perfect if you like: Business, Design, Numbers, Reading, Research

The concentration in Hospitality Real Estate Development requires 2 courses as specified below, as well as 8 credits of additional required courses.

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Required Courses

Additional Required Courses

Pick any 8 credits of available concentration electives.