Meet Our Distinguished Alumni

Every year, SHA nominates individuals from our outstanding alumni population to receive the Alumni of the Year and newly created Young Alumni of the Year award. These individuals are leaders in the hospitality industry. They’ve helped our school create mentors, internships, and career opportunities for current students. They’ve also been vital in helping the school adapt to the latest industry trends.

Alumni of the Year

2019 Alison Birdwell, SHA’88
2018 Dana Waud Floberg, SHA’07
2017 Robert Vail, SHA’85
2016 Adolfo Fastlicht, SHA’89
2015 Javier Rosenberg, SHA’94
2014 Rosamond Cosentino, SHA’97
2011 George Poll, SHA’86
2004 Rocco DiSpirito, SHA’90
2004 Jeffrey Selden, SHA’91
2003 James Apteker, SHA’88

Young Alumni of the Year

2019 Alec Dalton, SHA’15
2018 Phoenix Anna Porcelli, SHA’11
2017 Shivika Kothari, SHA’15
2016 Amanda (Wolfe) Guile, SHA’00
2016 Rene Leung, SHA’03
2016 Leslie Lone, SHA’06
2016 Jonathan Jaeger, SHA’08
2015 Punit Shah, SHA’02
2015 Carla Shah, SHA’05
2014 Evan Sopher, SHA’09