Hospitality Retailing—Undergraduate Concentration

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About the Hospitality Retailing Concentration

The hospitality retailing concentration provides an interdisciplinary overview of the retailing industry while combining courses with the hospitality industry. Foreseeing and responding to consumer shopping behavior changes and technological innovation offers a breadth of exposure towards a firm foundation in many retailing aspects, including merchandising, pricing, sourcing, and logistics.  Students may choose a cross-section related core and elective courses on consumer behavior management, including current issues faced by a dynamic and ever-changing industry. 

Perfect if you like: Business, Logic, Numbers, Reading, Technology

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the accounting and finance concentration, students will achieve competencies in: 

  • understanding the changes in consumer shopping behavior, competitive economics, and technological innovation. 
  • appreciating the complexities of operating a retail business. 
  • understanding the challenges retailers face in striking a balance between generating profits and pleasing customers. 
  • exploring current issues facing retailers, such as customer relationship management, industry consolidation, and supplier relations.
  • developing knowledge of retailing, including merchandising, pricing, sourcing, logistics, and site selection. 

      Required Courses

      Additional Required Courses

      Pick any four credits of available concentration electives: