Cheng & Tian’s Newest Microscopy Advance Published by Nature Communications

Professor Ji-Xin Cheng’s research group has made notable strides in improved chemical  imaging technologies, especially for medical purposes, over the last few years.

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Novel Miniature Computational Imaging System to Advance Brain Imaging Technology

BU Assistant Professor and CISE faculty affiliate, Lei Tian (ECE, BME), was awarded a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to advance the development of the Computational Miniature Mesoscope (CM2). The CM2 is a “wearable” miniaturized neural imaging device that Tian has been developing in collaboration with Professors David A. Boas (BME, ECE) and Ian G. […]

Unveiling the Hidden Signatures of Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells

Supported by a $1.75M grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, a multidisciplinary team of experts led by Professor Ji-Xin Cheng are developing a novel approach to establish high-speed, high-content and high-sensitivity mapping of cancer cell metabolism.

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Professor Ji-Xin Cheng and Coworkers Published in Nature Communications

BU researchers reported an ultrafast fingerprint-stimulated Raman spectroscopic imaging platform, with broad applications to cancer metabolism, brain mapping, and biofuel production, in Nature Communications on May 24th, 2021.  This work was funded by grants from the Department of Energy and the NIH. 

ECE Junior Faculty Recognized by Boston University as Outstanding Researchers

By Caroline Amato Assistant Professor Lei Tian and Assistant Professor Eshed Ohn-Bar were recognized by Boston University as a recipient of the 2021 Early Career Excellence in Research Award from the College of Engineering and the Junior Faculty Fellow of the Hariri Institute for Computing for 2021, respectively. The Early Career Excellence in Research Award […]

Boston University Faculty Published Some of the World’s Most Highly-Cited Research

Some of the world’s most influential scientific research in 2019 was produced by the faculty of ECE at Boston University. Web of Science Group by Clarivate Analytics acknowledges highly cited papers with a trophy listed next to the number of citations. To qualify, Clarivate calculates whose work was most often referenced in other scientific research […]

Three ECE Professors Receive CAREER Awards

Within these past few months, not one, not two, but three professors from the ECE Department have won CAREER Awards, which are among the most prestigious awards from the National Science Foundation. Such awards help support faculty in the early stages of their careers. The three winning faculty are Michelle Sander (ECE, MSE), Lei Tian […]