Seeing a Way to Combat Cancer

In the fight to treat ovarian cancer, innovative chemical imaging techniques developed by Professor Ji-Xin Cheng (ECE, BME, MSE) are fast becoming valuable tools, as reported in two high-impact journals in the space of two months. More

student in lab technology

Engineered for Impact

What will it take to create functional tissue patches to repair the damage from a heart attack? Or create clean, sustainable and practical energy? Or understand, and potentially treat, neurodegenerative disorders? More


Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

When it comes to finding a job after graduation, knowledge gained in the classroom and lab is, of course, critical. But, today’s employers in the rapidly advancing engineering field want more. They want the kind of hands-on skills with the latest technologies that enables new hires to hit the ground running. More

Lab hand holding equipment

Building a New Kind of Faculty

If you want to harness the power of having faculty from multiple disciplines address a societal challenge, you have to make it easy for them to do so. Cross-disciplinary collaboration has long been part of the college’s DNA, and that culture is now being formalized in way that is unlike any other engineering school. More


Building a Collaborative Culture

Building a collaborative culture involves retaining and recruiting faculty committed to, and excited by, the concept. That requires strong leadership that can guide and encourage faculty. The College of Engineering appointed long-time faculty member Elise Morgan to do just that as Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development. More