How ultrafast lasers developed in Michelle Sander’s lab are speeding up biological research

Michelle Sander and her lab group at Boston University are seeking out new ways to build ultrafast lasers – lasers that emit such short-lasting pulses of light that their duration is difficult to fathom.
“I’m particularly interested in developing lasers on the femtosecond scale – a fraction of a second so small that its ratio is the same as one second to 32 million years,” Sander says.

An Inside Look

ENG researchers from across disciplines are joining forces to produce images and insights into how neurons and other cells work By Patrick L. Kennedy An electrical engineer, a biomedical engineer, and a physicist walk into a lab. Wait—make that an electrical engineer, two biomedical engineers, a materials science engineer, and a physicist. And, so far, […]

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Michelle Sander Elected to IEEE Photonics Society’s Board of Governors

Assistant Professor Michelle Sander was elected to a three-year term serving on the Board of Governors for the IEEE Photonics Society. She will join the Board in 2020 together with three other new worldwide-elected members. The IEEE Photonics Society is a section of the IEEE that is focused on optical technologies that range from quantum […]

Three ECE Professors Receive CAREER Awards

Within these past few months, not one, not two, but three professors from the ECE Department have won CAREER Awards, which are among the most prestigious awards from the National Science Foundation. Such awards help support faculty in the early stages of their careers. The three winning faculty are Michelle Sander (ECE, MSE), Lei Tian […]

Michelle Sander publishes groundbreaking research in Analyst

By Amy Pollard (GRS ’19) Boston University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty members continue to advance their respective fields of research. Recently, a discovery by Professor Michelle Sander (ECE, MSE), with a potential for profound impact on materials characterization, was featured on the front cover of the June edition of Analyst. Professor Sander […]