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Spring 2021, ECE grad students’ successes

By Caroline Amato PhD students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department have had another successful semester despite many obstacles. […]

COVID-19 Risk Assessment to Address Inequity

This article was written by Eliza Shaw (CISE), videos produced by SE. Informing Policy, Resource Allocation and Workplace Adjustment Policies Video Part […]

Floating to the Top

Imagineering Lab puts on model ship building competition

Ship building is not part of the College of Engineering curriculum, but several teams of students waded into those waters last month when they built model ships and tested them in a competition on the Charles River.

Tailor-made Robots for Situational Success

Robots are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Systems engineers are at the core of these solutions, skillfully suiting robots and computers to fulfill situational needs. As one of the top seven robotics programs recognized by Analytics Insight, SE graduate students are “pushing the boundaries of robotic systems to the next level.”