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Letter from the Publisher – May 2024

Welcome to the Second Part of our Marketing Innovation edition of The Boston Hospitality Review. As was shared in Part I, the Q&As depicted here reflect conversations with several esteemed experts and depict varying perspectives and philosophies of innovative hospitality marketing. The featured contributors in both parts of this series stem from an exciting range […]

Letter from the Editor – May 2024

How do we identify marketing that is notably “innovative?” And can we determine if a particularly creative and nuanced ad, for example, or messaging or brand voice, is not just “innovative,” but also effective? Does marketing in hospitality or travel and tourism come through on the other end as “innovative” or simply, effective”? And then […]

How Will You Experience Innovation?

A BHR Interview with Tatiana Panyukova-Adragna, Experiential Luxury Advisor, University Lecturer, and HEC Paris EMBA Candidate 2023. How do you define hospitality and how do you think the hospitality industry should be perceived?  Hospitality is a constantly evolving industry that is the marrow of society. Individually and collectively, we desire human interaction. The hospitality industry […]

The Roles of Human Interaction and Innovation in Hospitality

A BHR Interview with Ian Carter, Chairman of Watches of Switzerland Group  How do you define hospitality?  Many think hospitality is about travel and tourism, hotels, and restaurants. But I believe hospitality extends far beyond that. I believe hospitality is based on human interaction; people serving people with goods and services. There’s a genuine opportunity […]

Embracing an Enlightened Approach to Hospitality

A BHR Interview with Richard Coraine, Cofounder of Union Square Hospitality Group. How do you define hospitality?  Hospitality is so much more than an industry. Although many people describe it as hotels and restaurants, I believe those perceptions are rooted in the past. I think there’s an important opportunity to redefine the concept. Hospitality is […]

Using Technology to Foster Hospitality

A BHR Interview with Tim McLaughlin, Cofounder and CEO of GoTab Tune in: Distinguished podcast interview: More Fun and Less Friction  How do you define hospitality, and what role should technology play?  One of our longtime clients with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group defined luxury as getting what you want, when you want it, however […]

Focusing on Hospitality in Hospitals

A BHR Interview with Greg F. Burke, MD, FACP, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Geisinger Health System  What is the role of Chief Patient Experience Officer all about? The role of Chief Patient Experience Officer operates on two critical levels. First is working with clinicians, frontline staff, and all our new hires and educating them on […]

Letter from the Editor: A Defining Moment for Hospitality — November – December 2023

By Jonathan Katz, Lecturer in Branding and Marketing, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration  What does hospitality mean to you? In fact, what does the hospitality industry mean to you? Are your answers based on perceptions grounded in the past? Are they formed on the foundation of your day-to-day responsibilities? Or are they fueled by […]

Letter from the Dean – November – December 2023

There is no greater responsibility for every institution of higher education than cultivating the next generation of leaders. At Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (SHA), we view this as our mandate. I believe we must empower our students and all within our industry today by inspiring new ideas, embracing change and leading by example.    […]

Letter from the Dean – May-June 2023

This special edition of Boston Hospitality Review on Leadership arrives on the heels of our school’s marquee event, the Hospitality Leadership Summit. Untethered by the bounds of conventional hospitality categorizations, the featured speakers represented the expansiveness of Hospitality. To give you a flavor of the wide array of topics, the visionaries included Deborah Torres, the […]