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Boston Hospitality Review (BHR) is an authoritative magazine of the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration. With academic articles, blog posts, industry news, and case studies on the hospitality industry, the Boston Hospitality Review takes an in-depth look at the latest industry trends, products, and services. It provides useful information and extensive hospitality knowledge alongside inspiring stories from academics and industry practitioners.

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Hospitality is an ever-changing industry in which new products, strategies, and technologies spring up constantly. To help you prosper amid these changes, Boston Hospitality Review covers a wide variety of topics in the hospitality industry, including food & beverage, marketing, industry trends, human resources, and hotel and lodging. Whether you are a scholar, student, or an industry professional, you can find cutting-edge insights into the industry from the articles written by experts and students in the field. Subscribe to Boston Hospitality Reviews to receive our monthly journal! 

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The BHR contributors consist of young and experienced hospitality industry professionals.

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