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Letter from the Publisher – May 2024

Welcome to the Second Part of our Marketing Innovation edition of The Boston Hospitality Review. As was shared in Part I, the Q&As depicted here reflect conversations with several esteemed experts and depict varying perspectives and philosophies of innovative hospitality marketing. The featured contributors in both parts of this series stem from an exciting range […]

From the NBA to destination marketing: leveraging data, innovation, and technology

A BHR Interview with Lindsay Milne Vice President of Marketing, Meet Boston Lindsay, how easy or difficult was it to transition from sport marketing to hospitality and destination marketing?   There has definitely been a lot to learn! Like any change in industry, there are nuances that take some time to adjust to and plan for. […]

Listen to your customer and shift to their behaviors

A BHR Interview with Sandra King, Principal and Founder, STKing Associates LLC Sandra, what are some of the more effective tools companies use to monitor and measure sentiment, trends, and preferences?   Social listening is increasingly being done to better understand the chatter about companies, products, and services. Employing tools available through various AI platforms […]

Letter from the Editor – May 2024

How do we identify marketing that is notably “innovative?” And can we determine if a particularly creative and nuanced ad, for example, or messaging or brand voice, is not just “innovative,” but also effective? Does marketing in hospitality or travel and tourism come through on the other end as “innovative” or simply, effective”? And then […]

Partnerships and collaborations mean innovative marketing for restaurants today.

A BHR Interview with Roger Drake, Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Condado Tacos Roger, what are some of the more innovative marketing methods you utilize for the restaurant brand today, and why are they effective?  Partnerships and collaborations that create a win-win opportunity work really well for this brand. Matching the restaurant brand’s target guest base […]

Why did it go wrong? When brands use influencers for social impact and don’t gauge the target audience first.

A BHR Interview with Jim Joseph CEO, U.S. and Global Chief Marketing and Integration Officer, Ketchum Jim, how would you define or identify an “innovative” marketing initiative? Can you give an example?   Innovation is in the eyes of the beholder. What is innovative to one brand may in fact be a standard practice for another. […]

What does Gen Z consider to be innovative marketing?

A BHR Interview with Dylan Huey Gen Z Founder, TEDx Speaker, Digital Creator & Musician at Rodin’ Flash Dylan, explain the mission of REACH, and why you were compelled to establish the organization.  REACH was conceived out of a clear void in the academic and professional ecosystem for collegiate individuals deeply passionate about the evolving […]

Apple, Nike, and brands that define, not follow industries

A BHR Interview with Adam Wallace Founder and CEO, Spherical Adam, you grew up in the world of hotels thanks to your uncle and his role at the Roger Smith. What fascinated you about hospitality marketing in your early days of hospitality?  I’ve always loved the rich sensory experience of hospitality. The design of a […]