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The Air We Eat

By Dennis Ausiello, MD, Jackson Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and David A. Edwards, Ph.D., scientist, author, pioneering inventor While the sight of an apple pie or the astringency of the orange peel can each shape the memory of what we eat, our memories of the foods we love are mostly […]

Mindful Chocolate and Other Adventures in Olfaction

By Ellen Langer, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, author, widely regarded as founder of the academic field of mindfulness Many of us may know that the perception of scent (olfaction) is 85% of flavor perception. When we have a stuffy nose, food simply loses some of its appeal. As Ausiello and Edwards write in […]

The Future of Food is a Berry

By Marty Kolewe, CEO, Foodberry and David Edwards, Ph.D., scientist, author, pioneering inventor The incredible success of the modern food experiment in radically reducing global hunger over two centuries of unprecedented human population growth has led to the hard realization that what seemed to work well till now, cannot work for much longer. Feeding humanity […]

Hospitality Management: Learning, Doing, Knowing

  By Christopher Muller On the first day of my HF 100 Introduction to Hospitality Management class I present a lecture that raises the question, “How Do You Teach Hospitality?” It’s my first Power Point slide and is then repeated as my last slide for the day. I suspect (maybe hope) that this question is […]