student association

The School of Theology Student Association (STHSA) is made up of all students enrolled at the School of Theology. Its purpose is to assess and advocate for the needs of the students through its own activities and by working with other student organizations, student interest groups, the faculty, and the administration. STHSA is also responsible for distributing funds from the Student Activities Fee to student constituency groups. The STHSA Executive Board (E-Board) represents the student body. The E-Board includes elected officers, student constituency group representatives, elected at large representatives, and ex-officio members. All STH students are encouraged to attend STHSA administrative meetings to be informed and active community members, as well as to offer feedback for how to make STH even better. For more information, contact us at

Weekly Meetings

Wednesdays, 1-1:50pm

President: Hazel Johnson, MDiv
Vice President: Matthew Lewellyn-Otten, MDiv
Secretary: Michelle Ashley, MDiv
Treasurer: Brandon Powell, MDiv
Public Relations Officer: Tom Reid, MDiv

The Wesleyan Student Association (WSA) is aimed at facilitating the professional and spiritual development of all at STH who claim John Wesley and the people called Methodists as part of their religious heritage, or those who are interested in learning about it. The group works to create community in the midst of this commonality, sharing in monthly meals. We provide frameworks for helping one another to make his or her way through the candidacy process of her given denomination. We facilitate discussion around issues dealing with Wesleyan spirituality and practice through public forums and special speakers. Finally, we work with the faculty to develop healthy Wesleyan theology in each individual who engages the group in earnest, with the end goal that they might be better representatives of our tradition when returning to positions of Christian leadership.

For more information you can contact Bailey Brawner, Brandon Powell, Gretchen Brown, Paige Holaday, Michelle Ashley, or Amanda Corella.

This group is comprised of black seminarians from the African Diaspora (from the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean) and their advisors. The Black Seminarians meet to share their common heritage. They provide support for each other in scholarly and vocational endeavors. The group offers opportunities for the discussion of relevant topics related to the diversity of theological concerns in the global theological community. The organization also seeks to develop and maintain a community committed to a sound theological education that includes a relationship to the black experience.

For more information you can email Anya Philip-Thomas or Andrew Kimble.

The Association of PhD Students (APS) exists to facilitate the social and intellectual support of all interested PhD students at Boston University School of Theology. The APS gathers on a regular basis for events that promote the development of friendships and the discovery of common needs specific to STH PhD students. Those needs are pursued through various creative means, such as hosting colloquia and encouraging positive student-faculty interaction. All events and meetings aim at developing meaningful relationships that encourage cooperative learning, research, and writing.

For more information, you can contact Joe Kauslick (President), Sarah Keough, Sheila Otieno (Secretary), or Dan Hauge (Treasurer).

The purpose of the Raices Latinx Student Association is to provide space for students at the school of theology who are from or share the culture of any Latin America country, to support each other, and to discuss the needs of our specific community.

For more information you can contact Alicia Velez-Stewart, Leticia Trujillo, Dorlimar Lebrón Malavé, or Yara Gonzalez-Justiniano.

KSA recognizes the concerns and needs of Korean students in the School of Theology through community and support. Most of the Korean Students in the School of Theology originally come from Korea and share the same cultural identity. To retain our culture and friendship and also to express common concerns, the Korean Student Association (KSA) provides students with comfort and safety so that we can feel at home. Furthermore, KSA tries to help those who need information on studying tips, life in Boston, etc. KSA is open to other ethnic group students and is pleased to invite those who are interested in Korean culture, sports days, movie days, etc. KSA expects to see more friends beyond boundaries of ethnic, language, and cultural differences. Come and join us!

For more information you can contact Kyeongjoong Kim, Hyebin Hong, Junsang Lee, or John Kim.

Sacred Worth is the School of Theology’s student group committed to the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in the church, academy, and wider society. Sacred Worth exists because LGBT persons, like other minorities, represent a population of God’s beloved children historically marginalized by the church and society. Sacred Worth serves as a community of support for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities wishing to partake in God’s creation and building community, as well as working for the full inclusion and recognition of its liturgical traditions and other ecclesial gifts in the academy and the parish.

If you have questions, or are interested in being a part of this group, please contact the co-presidents for further information – including meeting times and locations. All contact is confidential and protected.

For more information you can contact Eli Wynn, Gretchen Brown, Jamie Mangiameli, Adam Donason, or Tom Reid.

The ThECOlogy Club seeks to discern an ecological vision of prophetic discipleship in the face of ecocide and issues of eco-justice. Incorporating spiritual discipline, personal transformation, and community/political activism, the recently formed THecology Club wants BUSTH to lead and support a prophetic witness for the dying planet, including the disproportionate effects of toxins and climate change on impoverished and minority communities, both locally and globally. We are establishing mutually supportive relationships with other BU groups and with local parishes and communities, as we also seek to promote green curricula and awareness at the STH, and to transform the STH into a beacon of ecological justice. We also have a lot of fun!  Check out our website:  THecology Website

For more information you can contact Jen Bloesch, Carly Lynch, Chloe Benson McElyea, or Tom Reid.