Master of Science in Software Development

The MS in Software Development constitutes preparation for one of the largest and fastest-growing professions: software developer. It recognizes the ubiquitous and growing need for new and evolving software. The degree program is founded on the principle that developers must be thoroughly practiced in understanding new requirements in diverse fields and, acting as team members or leaders, fully competent to deliver secure, reliable software.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Software Development will be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to understand and analyze business and technical requirements for software development
  • The capability to work with a software development and project team.
  • The skills to produce secure, robust, and reliable software designs and code.
  • A high degree of competence in creating applications that satisfy requirements.
  • The skills necessary to manage and participate in multi-location, multi-programming language software development projects.

MS in Software Development Program Options

Available on campus and in the following formats:

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Karen Palmer

2019 Excellence in Graduate Studies Award Winner for Software Development; MS in Software Development (MET’19); BS, Boston University; AS, MassBay Community College

Karen Palmer
Platform Software Engineer, Pazien

What do you find most fascinating about the discipline of software development? Do you have a particular focus within the broader field?

I have always loved the way that developers have to keep thinking in two ways—the “big picture” and the details. When I work on projects, and when I help students as a teaching assistant and facilitator, the project always starts with a high-level pseudo-code. Get the big picture down first, then concentrate on the details of the code to create that big picture.

The requirements to think in big terms as well as in the low-level details almost at the same time is endlessly challenging, but in a good way. Things are always different and interesting!