An incubator in a university setting, the Hariri Institute for Computing initiatescatalyzes, and propels transformative computational and data-driven research and training initiatives across the landscape of academic disciplines for a better society.

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    Institute Director Honored with BU’s Highest Faculty Recognition

    Hariri Institute Founding Director, Azer Bestavros, has been appointed a William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor, the highest recognition that BU bestows on faculty members. Bestavros and fellow appointee, Bonnie Costello (Professor of English, CAS), join 11 other BU faculty members who hold this title. The honor is a testament to Bestavros' service to the University through his many teaching, research, and scholarship achievements. Read More

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    Institute Hosts 4/26 Colloquium on Online Political Speech & Fact Checking

    As a follow-on activity to the Journalism and the Search for Truth conference hosted by the College of Communication and co-sponsored by the Hariri Institute for Computing, the Institute will host a colloquium on the topics of online political speech and the need for fact checking tools. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia (Indiana University) and Brian Ulicny (Thomson Reuters) will present their work on computational fact checking and real-time assessment of information credibility. Read More

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    Institute Hosts CS Student Poster Session: Data Mechanics

    The Hariri Institute is pleased to host a student poster session Friday, April 28th from 3-5PM. The event will feature 25 group projects completed by students enrolled in the spring iteration of CS 591 L1 ("Data Mechanics"), a computer science course taught by Andrei Lapets, CS Lecturer and Director for Research Development and SAIL at the Hariri Institute for Computing. Read More

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    RISCS Co-Director Wins Award for Secure Multi-Party Computing Platform

    Research Scientist and Co-Director of the Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS), Mayank Varia, has been awarded "Best Talk" at the University of Bristol's Theory and Practice of Multi-Party Computation Workshops. The workshop took place April 3rd-7th at the University of Bristol's campus in Bristol, England. Varia's talk, "Design and Deployment of Usable, Scalable, MPC" focused on his work with Hariri Institute faculty and partners at UMass to develop a multi-party computing (MPC) platform that aggregates data input by Boston employers and looks at the pay-gap between their female and male employees. Read More