2021/2022 Graduate Estimate of Expenses – Charles River Campus

These estimates are for graduate international students studying at the Charles River Campus during the 2021/2022 academic year. The 9-month estimate covers the Fall and Spring semesters, while the 12-month estimate covers Fall, Spring, and Summer. Please keep in mind that the figures for living expenses are estimates.

Tuition listed is for most graduate programs. Please see the “Tuition Exceptions” section below for a list of schools or colleges with different tuition charges and adjust the tuition estimate accordingly. Some academic programs require additional fees; please check with your academic program to determine if additional fees will apply. Although students are not required to enroll in Summer Term, any coursework taken during the summer or at the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) will require additional tuition and fees.

9 Months
12 Months
Tuition (see exceptions below)
    $ 58,560
       $ 58,560
University Fees 1
         $ 838
            $  838
Health Insurance 2
      $ 2,789
         $ 2,789
Room and Board
     $ 16,840
        $ 23,155
Books and Supplies
       $ 1,251
           $ 1,251
Incidentals 3
       $ 2,170
          $ 3,560
  $ 82,448
     $ 90,153

Estimate for Dependents
A dependent is defined as the student’s spouse or child (under the age of 21). Please add the following figures to the total estimate listed above when a student will be accompanied by dependents.

9 Months
12 Months
For one dependent
$ 10,610
    $ 11,815
For two dependents
$ 19,364
   $ 22,399
For each additional dependent, add this figure to the estimate above for two dependents.
  $ 6,238
     $ 7,156

Tuition Exceptions (per year)
Substitute these tuition figures in place of the standard tuition figure above when calculating estimate of expenses.

College of Fine Arts
$ 29,308
Questrom – MSBA – 11 months
$ 79,884
School of Hospitality
$ 58,560
School of Law
$ 59,380
School of Social Work
$ 37,096
School of Theology
$ 22,416

Continuing Student Fees (per year)
This fee maintains the registration status of students who have finished all required degree coursework and are only completing thesis or dissertation research.

Continuing Student Fee (per year)
 $ 7,320

1University Fees: Fees include the Student Services fees and Health and Wellness fees for the year; does not include any special fees that may be associated with specific schools/colleges. 2 Health Insurance Rate: Health insurance is required for all international students and their dependent family members. Please note that these rates are for students on the Charles River Campus, and are based on the basic student health insurance plan available for purchase through Boston University.  The rate listed is 2020/2021 Health Insurance rate. 3 Incidentals include transportation and personal expenses