Project Description

The mission of the USAID-funded DELIVER I and II projects is to improve the health of underserved communities in the developing world through the increased availability of essential public health supplies. Led by John Snow, Inc., DELIVER works to procure and deliver high-quality supplies, strengthen national supply chains, strengthen national policy environments, and increase national and international commitment to supply availability as a critical component of quality health care.

Through work on the DELIVER project, CGHD researchers developed a comparative study of trends and developments in contraceptive security and integrated supply chain management at the global and country levels. The resulting two volume report covers logistics management for essential drugs, vaccines, and contraceptives and includes topics of product selection, financing and procurement, private-sector role and market segmentation, and efficiency improvements.

The CGHD also wrote case studies to train logistics advisers in how to analyze financial implications of alternative transport and delivery system designs. Case studies in Uganda and Zimbabwe analyzed data on distribution costs for contraceptives and HIV/AIDS-related commodities in Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Jonathon Simon
Boston University Co-Investigators Malcolm Bryant
  • John Snow, Inc.
Country(ies) Global
Dates of Research 2007 – 2008