Core Curriculum (Online or In Person).

The integrated core curriculum provides a strong foundation in the values, history, methods, and functions of public health, as well as the fundamental knowledge and skills required of 21st-century public health professionals. Taught by experienced faculty members, core courses provide the groundwork you’ll need to pursue specialized higher-level courses in your chosen certificate(s).

Full-time students will complete the four core courses in their first semester of study. Part-time students will complete the core courses in their first year of study.

Online Core Curriculum

Students can complete their core course requirements in a number of ways—online or on campus, full- or part-time. You may choose to complete all of the core curriculum online, or just a selection of the four courses. After completing each course in the format you choose, you will complete the remaining degree components on campus.

The BU MPH core includes the following courses (each counting for four credits) and Integration Session (zero credits):

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