At Boston University, there are pathways and programs available for undergraduates interested in exploring careers in the public health field. By taking public health courses or pursuing a minor during your bachelor’s degree, students develop the skills and foundational knowledge to examine the health of local, national, and international populations. BU also offers combined degree programs to earn a BA/MPH or BS/MPH in as little as five years.

Eligible undergraduate students at BU may use the registration function on the Student Link to enroll in School of Public Health courses according to the University Registrar’s registration timetable. Juniors and seniors may register for SPH 700 level classes as long as they meet course prerequisites and have at least a 3.0 grade point average. Sophomores may enroll in SPH 500-level classes. Freshmen may not register in SPH classes.

If undergraduate students need assistance selecting public health courses, please contact Professor Sophie Godley,, or a staff member in the SPH Registrar’s Office.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Public Health

BU offers two combined degree programs for undergraduate students interested in accelerating the process of earning a Master of Public Health directly following a bachelor’s degree. With full-time enrollment, students have the ability to complete both degrees in five years so they can begin their public health careers more quickly.

Minor in Public Health

As a BU undergraduate student, you may choose to minor in Public Health through the College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College in conjunction with the School of Public Health. The public health minor is designed to introduce the interdisciplinary field that addresses environmental, social, and behavioral determinants of health. The minor can be an excellent complement to coursework in other disciplines, and any undergraduate student in a Sargent College program may join the public health minor.

Students must complete a minimum of six (6) public health courses to fulfill the minor requirements. This is achieved by taking four (4) required courses: Introduction to Public Health, a course in Global Health, a course in Epidemiology, and a course in Statistics. The remaining two (2) courses will be selected from the list of public health electives. To learn more about the requirements of the minor, visit the Bulletin.

For additional information about the Minor in Public Health, please contact the Public Health Minor Office, located in Sargent College at 635 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 405 or email at

Quick Links for SPH Courses

Resources for current BU students taking public health courses are listed below:

Learn More about BU’s Public Health Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate students at Boston University have many ways to incorporate public health courses into their degree program. Jumpstart a public health career during your bachelor’s degree with a minor or combined degree program!

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