Contribute to the Saving Mothers Giving Life Program (SMGL)

Every minute, 110 women experience pregnancy related complications and one woman dies from a pregnancy related complication. One woman and 8 newborn babies in Zambia die from complications arising from pregnancy and child birth every 4 hours.  The leading direct cause of maternal mortality is hemorrhage (34%) while the leading cause of neonatal death is birth asphyxia.  Zambia’s Maternal Mortality Ratio is one of the highest in the world at 591/100,000 live births.  The 2007 Zambia DHS reported transportation and distance to facilities, along with lack of medical professionals and lack of available drugs at facilities as major reasons for women not accessing adequate health care during the ante natal, intra partum and post natal periods leading to maternal deaths.

Your Contribution Can Help Bridge This Gap

$60,000 Enough to…provide a district with one functioning ambulance to respond to women and infants in emergencies.  One ambulance would serve a population greater than 250,000 people with over 14,000 pregnant woman annually.
$40,000 Enough to…refurbish one “Mother’s Shelter”, a shelter on/near the property of the health facility where laboring women stay to ensure she has access to safe labor and delivery. A mother’s shelter allows a woman to labor near the facility and deliver in a health facility reducing the chances of mortality.
$23,000 Enough to…purchase equipment needed for successful labor and delivery. $10,000/ultrasound machine, $4,000/oxygen concentrator, $3,000 for a L&D bed, $3,000/infant warmer, $3,000/two operating theatre spotlights.
$15,000 Enough to…purchase a generator to provide electricity to the operating theatre and/or the labor and delivery ward to reduce the number of surgeries and deliveries completed by candle light.
$9,000 Enough to…provide 35 health facilities with 2 way emergency radios.  Currently, over 90% of the facilities in the districts do not have any means of communication.  Communication is the first step in connecting a woman in an emergency with help, taking her one step closer to life and safety for the baby.
$4,000 Enough to…set up and run a 24/7, toll free, hotline for emergencies to help ensure women are stabilized through an emergency.
$200 Enough to…print and laminate a wall chart specific to emergency responses to various obstetric scenarios.  These charts are displayed in the health facilities for reference by the staff during emergencies to help guide them and save the woman’s life.
$40 Enough to…provide roundtrip transportation for a woman to a health clinic when an ambulance is not available in an emergency.
$25 Enough to…provide 5 safe delivery kits designed for unattended home births in rural and/or remote areas.


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