AIDS Policy and Planning Project in Vietnam

Project Description

Funded by USAID, the Center for Global Health & Development and the Boston University School of Public Health partnered with the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy and the POLICY Project Vietnam/Health Policy Initiative Vietnam to conduct the first multi-sectoral AIDS policy and planning training for policy makers and leaders in Vietnam. This project was the first to integrate multi-sectoral approaches, human rights, gender perspectives, and the greater involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS in training national and provincial policy makers. The objectives of the project were:

  • To develop greater recognition of HIV/AIDS as a development issue requiring the highest level of government leadership.
  • To strengthen the capacity of health- and non-health-sector agencies in policy making, organizing, and coordinating rights-based, gender-based, and multi-sectoral approaches to HIV/AIDS.
  • To link the training to HIV/AIDS policy development and practice at the national and provincial levels.

During Phase I (2005–2007), project partners trained approximately 390 policy makers at the national and provincial level in the relationship between HIV/AIDS, human rights, and gender; the importance of civil society engagement in the national response; and best practices in multi-sectoral implementation of prevention, treatment, and impact mitigation programs. The project team also built the capacity of 25 faculty from the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy to conduct policy training at the provincial level.

The CGHD worked with the Hanoi School of Public Health to conduct an evaluation of Phase I and found that the AIDS policy training had measurable and positive effects on the majority of policy makers trained, the departmental environments in which they worked, and on the development of effective policies and programs in the provinces participating in this study.

During Phase II (2007–December 2009), project partners incorporated evaluation results from Phase I to train over 470 provincial policy makers in AIDS planning. The training focused on strengthening AIDS plans and planning processes in prevention, treatment, impact mitigation, and integrating human rights, gender, GIPA, and multi-sectoral strategies into planning. In addition, project partners trained 52 faculty from the Academy and its sub-academies to conduct AIDS policy and planning at provincial and district levels.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Lisa Messersmith
Boston University Co-Investigators Lora Sabin
  • Health Policy Initiative, Abt Associates
  • Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy
  • PACT
Country(ies) Vietnam
Dates of Research 2007–2009