WR 112

WR 112 is a pass/fail course that will continue to build your academic writing skills as English language learners, with special emphasis on intercultural literacy; textual analysis; the logic of exposition and argumentation; audience and tone; accuracy in language use and prose mechanics.

The advanced readings on the broad theme of globalization cover a variety of genres and will expose you to complex ideas and diverse cultural experiences, stressing important aspects of global citizenship. The course tasks will respond to your evolving linguistic needs by addressing specific elements of English grammar and style in the context of writing. A strong public speaking component will help you achieve oral fluency and confidence while conversing about cultural contexts presented by the texts. Through reading, discussion, and analysis you will gain crucial insights into people from different national, cultural, social, and linguistic backgrounds. You will be asked to understand and interact with various intellectual perspectives, reflect on those experiences, and thus position yourselves more thoughtfully as global citizens. By expanding your cultural horizons, the course will prepare you to engage in focused academic conversations and to apply culturally appropriate communication strategies as an active participant in the intellectual life of our global university.

WR 112 carries one Hub unit, in Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy.

Faculty Guide to Teaching WR 111 and WR 112


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