Students, thank you for attending the WR 112 Spring 2021 discussion about race, racism, and antiracism! This page contains a series of follow-up activities for you to continue learning more about and reflecting on these important topics.


To be more aware of and take more steps toward intercultural literacy (our WR 112 Hub unit), defined as the “ability to orient ourselves when outside our cultural comfort zones…and to work with sensitivity with people from different backgrounds”; to define key terms such as institutional racism and antiracism; to learn a little more about race and racism in Boston, in the past and present; to explore one of the aspects of race, racism, or antiracism (in Boston or beyond) in greater detail; to reflect more on one’s own racial identity in light of new learning and experiences.

Key Terms

inclusion; diversity; racism; antiracism; experiential learning

Next Steps

  1. Fill out this quick (anonymous) form to give your feedback on the discussion session.
  2. Watch the slideshow (see below) another time, or click through the list of links referenced in the slides.
  3. Complete one of the ten optional follow-up activities, in which you’ll read, view, or discuss something connected with our session (see below).
  4. Create something–a poem, a work of art, a meme, a protest sign, a sketch of a piece of public art, a written reflection, a list of questions or thoughts, an essay, a journal entry, etc.–in response to our discussion and your follow-up activity. You may begin by responding to any or all of the questions below, but you are free to write widely beyond them.
  5. Consider submitting your follow-up reflection and/or creation below for inclusion in a special online journal of WR 112 students’ work connected to these topics.